Chainflip Development Update—August 20th 2021

Loud clunking sounds, as miscellaneous heavy items fall into large hoppers.

Chainflip Development Update—August 20th 2021

Progress Since Last Update


Slippage limits are on the chopping block, we might not have them at launch. "Gasp!" I hear you say. Fear not, with swap batching and other Chainflip specific features, we think this will make sense. Certainly makes our job a lot less tedious, and should mean that LPs have even more incentive to be active. More on this later.


State Chain

Heartbeats (online checks) are merged. We've condensed the system of "Online Credits" and Slashing into a single system of Reputation. This change makes reasoning about penalties a lot simpler, and also allows you to see at-a-glance who is running the best Validator. Since we don't have nominations in Chainflip, this is mostly just for bragging rights. Maybe the best Validators will get rare Flippy NFTs.. something to think about.

Chainflip Engine

Alongside the modifications to our signing algorithm, we're refactoring the CFE and ditching the Message Queue in favour of Rust's Channels. Initially we envisioned the CFE as multiple processes, all talking via the MQ bus, but we've since implemented everything in the same binary, so the MQ makes less and less sense.

We're still working on getting our internal testnet up and running. Holidays have really slowed down that game of hot potato, and the ground apple is currently going cold in the empty gloves of our gallivanting DevOps DJ. They'll be back in the mix next week, so here's hoping the next update is more exciting.

Staking Web App

The Staking app is waiting on the testnet, only marginal improvements here.


Currently working on a couple of things, contract upgradability and Validator txfee refunds. Refunds were proving quite painful until we incorporated the London hardfork into our dev environment, now it's very simple to refund whoever submits the transaction with the new basefee opcode. This should prevent our Validator wallets running out of ETH too quickly, but operators will still need to keep a sharp eye on their balances.

Goals for the Next Fortnight

Some quick bullet points about what we hope to achieve by the time the next dev update rolls around.

Development Goals

  • [SC] Vaults (rollover+)
  • [SC] Transaction request/response abstraction (rollover+)
  • [SC] Reputation penalties
  • [SC] Merge governance pallet
  • [ETH] Refund Validators the basefee for ETH transactions
  • [CFE] Finish signing process refactor
  • [CFE] Replace MQ with channels
  • [CFE] Add integration tests to CI
  • [WEB] QA Staking App
  • [WEB] Finish token launch page

General Thoughts

Should have just made JPEGs.

Until next time.