Chainflip Development Update — October 20th 2023

Chainflip Development Update — October 20th 2023

Dear readers of the Dev Update,

We are releasing Perseverance 0.10! As we speak, validators are updating their Chainflip Engine in preparation for the runtime update. Because we made some breaking changes, this update is more complicated than usual, but there is a detailed documentation available. More on that in the Outlook section.


We have worked hard on getting Perseverance 0.10 ready, which includes the revamped LP API that I talked about throughout the last updates. There are also some further improvements on efficiency in the Chainflip Engine.

In parallel, we are working on a beautiful UI for Liquidity Providers that don’t want to or don’t need to run automated market making algorithms.

Finally, as the mainnet launch gets closer, we had a lot to prepare, ranging from deployment systems, infrastructure considerations, key management and more.


We realised that the way we update the Chainflip Engine can get quite complicated depending on the changes we are trying to deploy. Especially in kubernetes environments or non-standard system configurations. Thus, we are investigating ways to simplify this, so that a new engine can be installed and start running at any time leading up to a runtime update.

Additionally, we plan to improve the way that transaction fees on external chains are tracked and accounted for, leading to a more transparent balancing of the vaults, as well as easier operations for validators.

Vibe Check

We are all thinking about the upcoming launch. The miserable Berlin weather is back and keeps us inside. Luckily, our Italian colleague Marcello continued the tradition of cooking sessions at the office and made a selection of his favourite dishes for us. The next weeks will be very exciting!

Until next time,