Chainflip Development Update — Aug 26th 2022

Chainflip Development Update — Aug 26th 2022

Greetings again! Good news: Following my brief foray to the surface world for the last dev update, no lasting effects could be discerned apart from the giddy feeling of all that fresh oxygen and vitamin D coursing through my system. I’m back for another fix.

We have been hard at work over the past fortnight and merged no fewer than 79 pull requests across our major repos (frontend, backend, devops, contracts). A large portion of said PRs were labeled as ‘chore’ by their authors, which says a lot about the nature of the work: tedious, menial but necessary work, far below the skill levels of our crack team. Fortunately, all that spare brain power has simultaneously been hard at work building the foundations for major features of the Ibiza release.

Progress Since Last Update

As noted above, oodles of fixes and minor additions. A small selection.

  • More robust calculations of block rewards.
  • Pruning of stale storage items.
  • Enable threshold signing ceremonies for arbitrary keys and participants.
  • Optimise Epoch load times in the block explorer.

Goals for the next fortnight

  • Further work on multithreaded MPC ceremonies.
  • First POC implementation of the new p2p layer.
  • Upgrade substrate.
  • Witness incoming vault transactions.
  • On-chain liquidity provider accounting.
  • On-chain relayer apis.

General Thoughts

This is where I talk about the weather again and make some strained analogy to the current state of development progress. So here it is… In Berlin, storms have been menacing all week, to the point where we just wish it would just f*nally rain and let everybody cool off.

But none of that at Chainflip. We’re all sunshine and rainbows. There ain’t no storms where we’re going.


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