Chainflip Development Update — August 10th 2023

Chainflip Development Update — August 10th 2023

Dear readers of the Dev update,

You probably all want to know the outcome of Ramiz’ office dinner. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Spicy, succulent, rich goodness! Just like the code he writes.


The witnessing refactor has been completed! Our testing shows that the new system behaves much nicer than the previous version. We no longer make assumptions about the reliability of the underlying blockchain nodes that we interacts with so that in the event of time-outs, errors, or other spurious behaviour, the other components of the system can continue to work as intended. Another nice feature is that the modular design makes it easy to add support for new blockchains. In preparation for a potential audit of the new system, we already have several people looking at the code.

The first feedback for our LP API has been positive. We still want to improve and simplify the interface and are currently working on an API that allows for maximum flexibility without making it unnecessarily complicated.

In the meantime, the entire office is trying their hands at swapping in our local testnet. We are swapping via smart contract calls, the web app, the API and by directly interacting with the state chain. The focus here is on assessing the user experience and overall smoothness and reliability. For added load testing, we also devised the “swap spiral”, which consists of a series of swaps pointing at each other in a circular fashion. Any funds sent to one of the addresses will forever be swapped through the various assets until one of the addresses expires. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to do this in mainnet (unless you enjoy overly complex ways of donating funds). But it is a nice tool for load testing our system.


  • We’ll continue to work on our APIs and polish the user experience. An important aspect of this is to achieve consistency in the types and names across the different APIs.
  • A lot of effort is being invested in enhancing our monitoring system, so that we can quickly and conveniently check the status of the system and react appropriately when needed.
  • We are also putting the final touches on the code for Perseverance 0.9, which we expect to launch soon. This will be close to the mainnet release in terms of its functionality.

Vibe Check

The vibes are good. The weather finally got its act together and resembles some kind of summer. Our token-sale announcement went smoothly and our discord channel has grown tremendously with people interested in Chainflip. Tonight we are hosting another instalment of our AMA, giving the community an opportunity to ask questions, meet the team and enjoy our DJ skills in a live stream from the Berlin office. Check it out here!

Until next time,