Chainflip Development Update — November 13th 2023

Chainflip Development Update — November 13th 2023

Dear readers of the dev update,

We are all hard at work as we prepare for our opening move. Launching the Chainflip state chain!


We have finished the remaining tickets that were necessary for the launch of our mainnet. This allowed us to change to the magic version number 1.0.0! Of course, this version will first be released to our Perseverance testnet in order to verify it in a realistic environment.

We have also officially started our next audit. Thanks to our excellent timing, the auditors are inspecting version 1.0.0 of our system.

The remaining tickets included further improvements to our LP API (clearly distinguishing between the Ethereum chain and the ETH token, allowing token amounts to be specified as decimal or hex numbers for convenience), tweaks to our block explorer (Sending DOT amounts below the minimum deposit to an address that doesn’t exist will no longer result in the explorer showing the successful swap as pending) and improvements to the update process (running two different versions of the engine side-by-side will now only report the newer version to the state chain). These are mostly finishing touches.


Our launch is not far off now. We will ensure that all interested node operators get a chance to confirm their nodes are working correctly on mainnet before the TGE.

While the infrastructure team is preparing the servers for mainnet launch, the developers are shifting their attention to the time after mainnet. We have several new features in the pipeline that will make the underlying swapping functionality even more powerful and convenient for users.

Vibe check

As you know, Chainflip is a company of fun people based in the heart of Berlin with an affection for electronic music and technology. We work hard and we play hard. Lately we have been working particularly hard, so the playing part was not to be forgotten. Since long nights in the club are not very helpful when launching a complicated product like ours, we have been shifting our game somewhat. Last week we started the Chainflip Chess League, where ten of the most enthusiastic chess players in the company are competing in weekly games after work. Thus, the vibe in our office is pure concentration at the moment. Comments from spectators lighten the mood and I feel that the comments are often much stronger than the chess itself… I can’t wait to try our newly developed “Kreuzberg Gambit” against Simon!

Until next time,