Chainflip Development Update — Mar 31st 2023

Chainflip Development Update — Mar 31st 2023

Hello, dear readers of the dev update!


First, I have to thank Simon for keeping the dev update going while I was busy with various important and not so important things. As you might have noticed, we released version 0.7 of the Perseverance testnet and that kept us all pretty occupied. We also had to prepare all the code and documentation for the second part of our ongoing audit, which will begin again on Monday. The month of March has been one of relentless feature development to hit that deadline.

Meanwhile, the new testing infrastructure we've been developing is taking shape and has already proven itself worthy, because it brought up quite a few interesting scenarios that we are now addressing. In keeping with the rest of the brand, we have named it the "Chainflip-Bouncer", because it's making sure that trouble stays outside. On top of all that I went skiing over the weekend and promptly fell and hurt my leg. Now I'm limping through the office like Captain Ahab, but searching for bugs instead of whales.


  • AUDIT - Our cryptography has passed the audit with flying colours. Now, the second part of the audit will focus on the architecture and quality of the code. We'll stand by to discuss any questions the reviewers may have while they audit their way through our code base.
  • TESTING - The bouncer needs to be even pickier, so we'll continue to add functionality and new scenarios to the testing framework and let it run against any changes we make to the system. The goal is that bugs will rather try their luck at Berghain than attempting to get into our system.
  • SWAPPING UI - We already know that swaps work, but the last step to making them available in Perseverance is making the UI experience of the Swapping App as smooth as Simon's Cappuccino Latte Art. The web dev team is full steam (get it?) ahead in implementing the design that emerged from the invaluable community feedback.

Vibe check?

We can all feel the pressure (and I can feel my leg). In order to not let the Captain Ahab comparison go too far and scare the crew, I have enlisted the help of our new Chief Cuddle Officer, Lilly:

She is making sure that everyone in the office has a good time. In the last meeting, she fell asleep on the office carpet and started snoring like an old sailor while Simon was speaking. I know that this means she and I agree: things are better when Simon isn’t talking.

Until next time,