Flippy NFTs

Flippy NFTs

Greetings comrades.

Chainflip Labs is proud to announce the launch of 5000 glorious Flippy NFTs. Flippies will be available for minting from Monday, 25th of October at 0800 UTC.


{edit - official Opensea link: https://opensea.io/collection/flippy-five-thousand }

We got caught up in the hype, along with every Tom, Dick and Harry. What we lack in originality for the idea, we’re hoping we made up with execution. Has the Flippy joke gone too far? Probably, but these pieces are a true collector’s item and a great addition to the wallet of any cross-chain bull.

  • Members of our Discord channel will be able to join the whitelist from Monday, 18th of October at 0800 UTC (NOW!).
  • Whitelisted minting will start on Monday, 25th of October at 0800 UTC.
  • Free for all minting will start on Thursday 28th of October at 0800 UTC.

We actually made the decision to jump in headfirst a while back. While the Chainflip devs are busy making huge strides on the backend, we wanted to give the community something they could see and touch in the meantime. What we were blissfully ignorant to was the effort it takes to produce high-quality original NFTs. Plus our internal designer has mild NFT OCD which turns out to be great for the final product, but awful for delivery time. If anything, it’s given us a deep and unbridled appreciation for the artists in the NFT space, and a passionate disdain for copypasta hacks that have infected the system.

Benefits of minting a Flippy:

Tangible Benefits:

  • Probably nothing (seriously)

Intangible Benefits:

  • A cool looking profile picture
  • Maybe win some cool shit in future competitions or milestones/releases
  • A good way to socially signal to your friends that your taste in art is immaculate and you only support projects whose NFTs are of the highest quality.
  • The ability to convince yourself and others that one day Flippy might enable discounted trading fees {*probably definitely not happening}
{*Disclaimer: Chainflip Labs will not be committing to any tangible benefits of minting a Flippy. If “Flippy flops”, we are all going to pretend like it never happened.}

Flippy Facts

  • 4500/5000 Flippies will initially be available for mint to whitelisted addresses for 3 days.
  • If 4500 Flippies are minted before the 3 days are complete, un-whitelisted addresses will not be eligible to mint a Flippy.
  • If less than 4500 Flippies have been minted after 3 days, minting will be open to anyone with an ETH wallet.
  • Mint price: $0 (free) - Gas fees paid by minters (sorry, fingers crossed for cheap gas).
  • The remaining 500 Flippies to be distributed by CTO Tom Nash on an ad hoc basis for quality Flippy meme generation and community events.

Mint Details

Whitelist + Mint

As mentioned previously, the best way to mint a Flippy is to join the whitelist. This will ensure you get the first crack at minting.


We will release the rarity table in our Discord channel at some stage in the next few weeks.

For those among us who don’t appreciate this kind of stuff, let us say this. The Chainflip development team is making relentless steps daily towards our testnet release. Nothing about this adventure should be construed as a distraction from that goal. Most of the resources allocated were from DJ Hitch, who, at the best of times, is barely worth the oxygen he consumes. We wanted to give early users an artefact of a project that is going to change the game.

For everyone else, your clout is at stake. Whether you are going to make it, have already made it, or are not going to make it, possessing a rare Flippy JPEG is certainly going to exponentially increase your credibility, agility, and survivability.

Happy minting!!
Chainflip Labs