Chainflip Launch Season Sprint

Chainflip Launch Season Sprint


Welcome to the Chainflip Launch Season Sprint, a straightforward initiative to get participants acquainted with the Chainflip protocol before its official launch and Token Generation Event (TGE). Beyond understanding, there’s a chance to earn rewards of up to $5,000 worth of FLIP! 🚀

Chainflip Launch Season Sprint by Chainflip Labs
Join Chainflip Launch Season Sprint campaigns created by Chainflip Labs on Galxe. **++Introduction++**Join the Chainflip Launch Se

By the end of this sprint, you should have a solid grasp of what Chainflip is all about and how to use it to your advantage. The culmination of this sprint ushers us directly into the threshold of the TGE, marking a pivotal moment of transition. Get ready as we gear up for launch, poised to unveil the full potential of the Chainflip protocol to everyone.

How This Sprint Works

The sprint starts now and rolls on until the mainnet launch, with a new OAT & quests being released every week. Engage in a range of quests and missions aimed at walking you through the Chainflip ecosystem from start to finish.. As you progress, you'll rack up points on the Galxe Leaderboard and unlock OAT’s.

At the close of the leaderboard sprint at TGE, those that have collected the most points as well as all of the OATS, will be able to claim the final raffle OAT, in which $5,000 worth of FLIP will be raffled off to 20 winners.

The Sprint Campaign can be accessed below, with new quests & OAT’s being released weekly:

Participation Rewards

The rewards are straightforward. A total of $5,000 worth of FLIP tokens are set aside for this sprint, which will be distributed among 20 participants that claimed the final Raffle OAT.

The Chainflip Launch Season Sprint is a blend of learning, practical engagement, and a chance to earn rewards. So, roll up your sleeves, dive into the quests, and make your way towards the mainnet launch while bagging some rewards along the way

Below is a preview of the quests that will be engaged in.

The Quests Layout

  • Genesis of Understanding Chainflip

An introduction to Chainflip's role in today's blockchain infrastructure. Outlining our key objectives and strategies, as well as the protocols core components. This is a foundational understanding meant to give a top down approach for the other quests that will follow.

  • Testing & understanding swaps through Chainflip

Embark on a two-phase quest. Understand Chainflip's swap mechanics, followed by a swapping experience between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

*To be Released*

  • How Chainflip’s JIT Liquidity makes Chainflip’s swaps so efficient.

Dive into Chainflip's unique Just in Time (JIT) Liquidity design, by understanding its potential for best-market pricing on swaps. Go further and learn how anyone can supply liquidity, bridging theory with practice, to foster a well-rounded grasp of Chainflip’s liquidity dynamics

*To be Released*

  • Securing Swaps Through Chainflip's Node Network

Dive into Chainflip's node network in this quest, understanding its architecture and how it underpins network security, enabling seamless cross-chain swaps. Grasp the intricacies of node operation, paving the way for proficient participation in securing Chainflip's network.

*To be Released*

  • How Staking is simplified through Thunderhead

Embark on a quest to delve into Thunderhead, a liquid staking solution for individuals unable or not wanting to to run their own nodes. Kickstart with a quiz to gauge your understanding, followed by a hands-on interaction with Thunderhead for practical staking and un-staking exercises. Thunderhead demystifies the staking process, making it accessible and actionable for all participants in the Chainflip ecosystem.

*To be Released*

Happy Questing!