Partnership Announcement: THORWallet to integrate Chainflip for their cross chain swaps

Partnership Announcement: THORWallet to integrate Chainflip for their cross chain swaps

We're excited to share the news of a strategic partnership between THORWallet and Chainflip, aimed at integrating Chainflip's backend to enhance the cross-chain swap capabilities within THORWallet.

This collaboration is set to provide users with more efficient and competitive swap rates, particularly for major assets like BTC & ETH, and plans are in place to extend these offerings to include additional L1 chains not currently supported in the cross-chain domain.

The integration process is underway and is expected to be operational in the coming weeks, making Chainflip routes available to THORWallet users shortly thereafter.

THORWallet x Chainflip Visa Card

In addition to this exciting development, we are also thrilled to announce the THORWallet x Chainflip exclusive Visa Card design offering.

THORWallet users already enjoy the benefit of opening a European banking account through the app, which offers Crypto-friendly Visa cards. In line with our new partnership, we are collaborating to introduce a special Chainflip branded Visa card, providing an exceptional opportunity for both THORWallet and Chainflip users to get their hands on some real limited edition merchandise!

Details on how to engage in this campaign will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for updates.

About THORWallet

THORwallet DEX is a non-custodial wallet that gives you full control over your keys with an integrated cross-chain DEX that allows you to swap native L1 coins across different blockchains with no intermediary. This enables swaps for unwrapped BTC vs ETH vs LTC vs BUSD and more. At the same time the app includes earn functionalities like liquidity pooling or cross-chain savings account. All non-custodial, pure DeFi.

About Chainflip

Chainflip is a decentralised exchange protocol designed to enable seamless asset swaps across different blockchain networks. It aims to offer an improved user experience similar to centralised exchanges but in a decentralised manner, gaining all of the benefits of on-chain trading without the centralisation-related  downsides.

In Closing

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